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Founded in 2019, NEOM brings the global perspective and deep industry experience; fuelling the transformation of operations and business models. Our values are at the heart of our business reputation and are essential to our continued success.


Customer Service and satisfaction is a top priority as you would expect it to be. We have a strong team of Tech support, designers and developers that work to get it done right and on time. Our costs are competitive, and we work with your budget and timeframes to keep your business moving forward.




Our company wouldn’t be able to deliver top quality IT services without the help of our dedicated tech and designer team. We have only the best, highly trained and qualified web designers and IT techs to help your company navigate those annoying technical bumps in the road. Our trusted IT team has helped many businesses just like yours diagnose and fix problems within their networks and web development.




Our clients are the driving force behind our success as a web development and IT services company. Our commitment to every client is to be the best one stop that delivers on time, top quality IT services, IT support, and website development.


Complete business advertising packages can be built to suit your business including: Logo / Branding, Website Design and Website Development, Internet Hosting Solutions, Website Domain Registrations, Marketing and Advertising Consulting.

Dominate your competition with a new and professional branding identity and website design.


Our vision is to constantly grow as a professional IT Solutions company and uncover innovation opportunities and new revenue Streams with smart products and processes.



Our mission is to achieve outstanding customer satisfaction via the new form of digital experience. We strive to attain individual and team excellence through a spirit of continuous learning, analysing data, new innovations and deliver highly engineered technical solutions.



Our mission is to provide top notch quality services that make a difference to customers. At NEOM, quality is understanding not just what the customer wants but truly understanding their requirement and working closely to ensure that our methodology works to achieve their outcomes.

Customized IT Solutions

  • Up to 24/7 proactive support

  • Support of your cloud and on-premise IT

  • Cyber Security

  • We have two types of IT support that will match your business needs.



Hands-on experience


Get direct experience in all areas of client and server hardware, software, and networking, including:

  • Network design and maintenance

  • Operating systems and databases

  • Website design

  • Call tracking and customer service

  • Network security

  • Computer and Network Security



Business IT Support


Complete IT Support for Small and Medium Businesses Across the UK and the Middle East.


Companies nowadays rely on technology more than ever. They have multiple business locations throughout the country or the world. Staffing each office with top IT professionals can be a serious challenge. No matter where your offices are located, our IT support team will help your business reach its full potential and overcome problems associated with technology.

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