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Website Design

Website Design


Personalized, custom-made websites squarely focused on differentiating and converting.


We provide a comprehensive website design package with considered features perfect for any passionate new or an established business wanting a gorgeously styled and unique, done-for-you site. This is for you if you have done the groundwork to build up your product, service or brand, have prepared and finalized the content, and need a totally bespoke site that compliments your amazing business from angles.


Along with a standout website, you may also experience some spare time on your hands to do what you are passionate about, due to the website being taken care of by a professional. You may be told to sit back and relax once you submit final content, so just be prepared to love the experience.

Examples Of Our Work
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Website Management

Website Management

Need to make changes to your website but not ready for a full redesign? We migrate most small business websites to an ultra-fast server at no cost, plus host, maintain, support, and manage all day-to-day edits for a low, flat monthly fee.

Brand Creation

Brand Creation

Branding Design for Small and Medium Businesses


Need help figuring out your new venture’s brand identity? Our team of highly skilled graphic designers and creative team will help you develop your personality that sets the tone for your physical building and property. Our approach combines design and architecture expertise to give you an identity that works across all messaging platforms – including the built environment.


The essential outfit for any business, whether you are just starting out or undergoing a style overhaul. Comprehensive and considered, each feature in this package has been purposefully added to equip your business for any situation and will never leave you lacking for any logotype, file, colour way, or style.


Our branding design service is only for seriously passionate business owners, those who are ready to invest 100% in their business and go all in to ensure they have a brand their audience will fall in love with.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


There are many methods of SEO, but they all serve the same purpose – to bring you out of the vast digital world and placing you in front of the audience searching for you. Our team will analyze your specific industry, provide you with the optimal keywords for success, and generate content that will place you at the top of topics related to your business objectives.


The key to having successful organic SEO is having the right content on your website. Delivering fresh new content is crucial for a specific keyword search, especially with the evolution of social media and blogging. If you want to encourage people to keep visiting your site and keep your business top-of-mind, these strategies will help you do just that.


NEOM understands that a successful SEO campaign requires more than a one-time fix, but rather a regulated “lifestyle” change of content optimization, social media, keyword research and much more for sustained results.

Pay Per Click (PPC) This page is to be hidden for now


Pay per click (PPC) is a highly used approach of digital advertising in which a business can place ads in top search engine positions to promote the business, product, or service. Rates are determined by the number of viewers that click on the ad, who are then redirected to your website. You only pay a few cents if someone actually does click and go to your site.


PPC drives immediate responds and is especially beneficial to those looking to increase traffic over a short period of time. Keep in mind, sending traffic to your website with PPC is very easy and it’s great to see a surge in traffic. However, you are paying for every visitor so you want to be sure that you are getting high-quality traffic that will likely take action on your site. Experience matters when it comes to PPC and you don’t want to be left making costly mistakes.

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